Volunteer Opportunities


Madison Music Collective is currently recruiting for the following positions.   Please contact us at mmclisting@gmail.com to learn more about these positions, or to discuss other ways that you may be able to contribute your time and talents.

Serves on the board of directors, manages the MMC checking account, prepares income and expense statements, and serves as contact person for MMC’s insurance agents.
Assistant Treasurer
Prepares and updates the MMC operating budget, and analyzes MMC’s projected cash position.
Production Assistants:
Provide logistical and/or promotional support for MMC’s “Jazz on a Sunday” Production Team Leader.
Social Media Developer:
Set up social media network and train volunteer to keep it updated.
Marketing Assistant:
Distribute email announcements of upcoming MMC programs to your jazz-loving friends, family members, and colleagues.
The Brink Lounge