Benefits of Becoming a
Madison Music Collective Member

The Madison Music Collective provides many benefits to its members, including concert discounts, performance opportunities, educational lecture/demos, and a close association between players and audience through social and professional environments.

Concert and Other MMC Event Discounts
Being a MMC member entitles you to a lower MMC event ticket price.
Performance Opportunities
Being a MMC member entitles you to priority consideration for playing opportunities in MMC events.
Educational Lectures, Demonstrations and Workshops
The MMC sponsors occasional educational lectures, demonstrations and workshops in which active participation from attendees is encouraged.
Meeting Participation and Vote
All MMC members are emailed and actively encouraged to participate in the monthly meetings. All members are entitled to vote on meeting issues either in person or by proxy.
Grant Opportunities
The MMC is available to members to serve as a fiscal receiver for any music grants they write and receive, upon approval by the Board of Directors.
Social Opportunities
Come to any MMC event and engage with other improvised-music appreciators.
The Brink Lounge